Apr 2, 2012

An Update from the Owl Monkey Woods..

Excuse me in not keeping up with this blog in a while. It's been an insanely busy month. So I figure while I take a much needed break from studying, I'll insert a synopsis of what's been going on in the owl monkey woods!

Pinegirl & Yanni, before urine collection.

As far as urine collection, the four pairs we've been working with are certainly getting more accustomed to our operant conditioning with marshmallows. More often now I can collect urine from both male and female on the same evening, then like clockwork, they look at me longingly as if to say: "Hey human! Where is my marshmallow?!" At least, that's what I can imagine.

Connie isn't doing as bad as we previously thought. The youth program compiled data on her eating patterns and it seems they havn't changed much since Spruce was originally removed. Which is a relief, we only observe them too well I suppose. (;

Last week there was an event hosted by FIU with Sian talking about monkeys, FIU also had Mireya Mayor come give a talk as part of the QBIC program. Go FIU for getting more involved with the Conservancy, and taking an interest in Primatology!



On a personal note, I took a day during my spring break road trip to go find the Rhesus Macaques that are free ranging along the Silver River in central Florida. Result? Mission accomplished! For seeing wild monkeys for the first time, it was beautiful. It only managed to fuel my passion even more - because they need us, they need me.

Juvenile Rhesus Macaques along the Silver River.
(Photo credit: Christian Rodriguez)