Mar 8, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Eat.

Food is this marvelous thing. It brings people together and inspires food sharing between owl monkeys. However, if this week has been marked by anything it would be - an aversion to food. It seems, this week, that I'm linked to one of our monkeys - linked through the stomach that is. Neither of us seem to really want to eat. I blame cortisol.

Monkey see..

I worry about Connie however. Mate changes, an injured eye, a swollen finger, and now a finicky eater. I went in today and sat in her enclosure. I watched her from inside, tried to give her a marshmallow, at one point I thought of climbing the fence - I refrained. I'm compelled by what makes her so unique, and what on earth she must be thinking. At some point, I realized she spends a lot of time at the top of her enclosure and if she won't come to her food maybe we should bring the food to her. Now its up to her if she eats. She was when I was watching her, so hopefully it continues.

...monkey do!
FIU is running another story on research at the conservancy. Which is fantastic, when it all comes together I will share the link. It's my hope for the future of our university that our association grows and fosters stronger research and learning opportunities in the future.

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